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Worship Service
Sundays 9:30am

Childcare available!

Please join us for worship!

Children's Sunday School
during the 9:30am service

following the Children's Sermon



Our sermons are now available to download and listen to at your convenience.

Esther part 4 – Being a Person Of Positive Influence (download here)

Esther part 3 When Good Friends Provide Pushback (download here)

Esther part 2 Covenant Service (download here)

Father’s day reflections and Esther Part 1 (download here)

Senior High Mission Reflection (download here)

Easter Children’s Choir & Believing the Incredible (download here)

Good Friday (download here)

Maundy Thursday (download here)

Palm Sunday - Getting Ready for Big Challenges (download here)


If you want to walk on Water…. Stretching our Boundaries (download here)

Jesus on Overcoming our Apprehensions (download here)

Jesus Crosses All Divisions (download here)

The Role of Faith in Person, Community and Nation (download here)

Elevating our Surroundings (download here)

A Look at the Beatitudes (download here)

Man Up (download here)

Martin Luther King Sunday Martin Deppe Guest Preacher (download here)

7pm Complete Christmas Eve Service (download here)

Christmas Eve Sermon (download here)

11pm Complete Christmas Eve Service (download here)


Being Engaged - The Call to Serve (download here)

Choosing Peace (download here)

Complacence is Compliance (download here)

Members of the Body (download here)

What’s Being Born Again All About? (download here)

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events link

Saturday, May 19
Annual Rib Cook-Off
& Car Show

car show begins at 10am
rib dinner begins at 1pm

Sunday, June 10
Salad Luncheon for Pastor Kurt & Betsy

July 9 - 13


*For more info on any events, please check our Upcoming Events page and/or our facebook page

201 West South Street,
Woodstock, IL  60098

Phone:  815-338-3310
Fax:      815-338-8066

Office Hours
Monday to Thursday
Closed Friday