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Worship Service
Sundays 9:30am

Childcare available!

Please join us for worship!

Children's Sunday School
during the 9:30am service

following the Children's Sermon



Our sermons are now available to download and listen to at your convenience.

July 9, 2017: Esther part 4 – Being a Person Of Positive Influence (download here)

July 2, 2017: Esther part 3 When Good Friends Provide Pushback (download here)

June 25, 2017: Esther part 2 Covenant Service (download here)

June 18, 2017: Father’s day reflections and Esther Part 1 (download here)

June 11, 2017: Senior High Mission Reflection (download here)

April 5, 2017:
Easter Children’s Choir & Believing the Incredible (download here)

April 14, 2017: Good Friday (download here)

April 13, 2017: Maundy Thursday (download here)

April 9, 2017: Palm Sunday - Getting Ready for Big Challenges (download here)


March 5, 2017: If you want to walk on Water…. Stretching our Boundaries (download here)

February 26, 2017: Jesus on Overcoming our Apprehensions (download here)

February 19, 2017: Jesus Crosses All Divisions (download here)

February 12, 2017: The Role of Faith in Person, Community and Nation (download here)

February 5, 2017: Elevating our Surroundings (download here)

January 28, 2017: A Look at the Beatitudes (download here)

January 22, 2017: Man Up (download here)

January 15, 2017: Martin Luther King Sunday Martin Deppe Guest Preacher (download here)

December 24, 2016: 7pm Complete Christmas Eve Service (download here)

December 24, 2016: Christmas Eve Sermon (download here)

December 24, 2016: 11pm Complete Christmas Eve Service (download here)


December 11, 2016: Being Engaged - The Call to Serve (download here)

December 4, 2016: Choosing Peace (download here)

November 27, 2016: Complacence is Compliance (download here)

November 20, 2016: Members of the Body (download here)

June 26, 2016: What’s Being Born Again All About? (download here)

Upcoming Events

Lenten Wednesdays:
Early Book Study Session
Soup & Salad Buffet
Late Book Study Session

Sun. March 11 • 9:00am
Chili Cook Off &
Gently Used Auction

March 23 & 24
24 Hour Scrapbook, Quilt & Craft Fundraiser

Sun. March 25 • 9:00am
Palm Sunday Worship

Thur. March 29 • 7:00pm
Holy Thursday Worship Service

Fri. March 30 • 7pm
Good Friday Worship

Sun. April 1 • 9:30am
Easter Sunday Worship


*For more info on any events, please check our facebook page

201 West South Street,
Woodstock, IL  60098

Phone:  815-338-3310
Fax:      815-338-8066

Office Hours
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